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Are you an Injured Passenger In A Car Accident? Call Daniel S. Doyle in Philadelphia, PA buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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Under state law in Pennsylvania, you have a right to file a claim and pursue compensation for your injuries and damages if you were a passenger in a car that got into a crash. If you were injured in a multiple-car accident, consider filing a claim with all the insurance companies involved. This is an effective strategy to obtain settlement and compensation from more than one insurer if multiple parties were at fault for the accident.

You are driving with your family, friends or a complete stranger (a taxi cab driver, an Uber or Lyft driver), you are equally entitled to compensation if you were injured in a car crash in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia car accident attorney, Daniel S. Doyle can tell you what legal options are available in your case after examining your circumstances. Contact the Dan Doyle Law Group for a free case evaluation. Call at 215-987-3730. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist