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Hi my name is Dee, I specialize in making holiday gifts... Here are some of my creations on my website Provided below there are many more to choose from. Get an customized gift, created just for your eyes, or someone Special to you. All my gifts are Custome, detailed and very Eye catching, specially when throwing a baby shower... Remember There also reasonable... These are small and midsize BABY DIAPAR CAKES, Pink Cake: comes with over 10 gifts other than useable diapers, included with 1 outfit Pocadot cake: comes with over 15 small gifts 2 outfits Pink $50 Pocadot $70 My DIAPAR cakes range from $40-$220 depending on size, products, and layers Visit me at or call me 267-368-2616 Dee - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist